Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Meant to be.

I met Olivia and Cody through my old roommate, Natalie.  Natalie would always bring up how Olivia and Cody were just meant to be and even though they were in high school and doing a long-distance relationship, she knew they were going to get married.  Natalie started crafting for their wedding months before they even got engaged.  And when the big day came this past summer, they wanted me to photograph.  Oh, the pressure!  I will share those photos someday, but there are just so many to sort through and they are all so lovely.

Regardless, I wanted to thank them by giving them a short post-wedding photoshoot in an environment where we could all be a bit more comfortable.  So back in October (I KNOW, so long ago...), we took some photos at Shelby Bottoms.  There are so many funny ones that I'll have to share some other time, but for now, here's the sweet ones.


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